About us

  • We concentrate on contributing to global development of clients' businesses, through providing expert support for them to acquire intellectual property (IP) rights in and outside the country.
  • We always do our best to polish invented technological ideas set forth by clients as gemstones, into respective forms that can receive as strong protection as possible by IP rights.
  • At client’s request, we provide the client with a non-biased expert opinion on a competitor’s unfavorable IP right that could hinder client’s businesses, by examining every aspect of it, both from legal and technological points of view. We also advise the client on possible actions that could be taken to eliminate the envisaged risks created by such a right, including filing of a well prepared invalidation trial against it and/or, as the case may be, on a possible modification to the client’s product in question aimed to relocate it out of the right’s scope of coverage.
  • Considering foreign clients who are not familiar with our law and Office’s practice, we guarantee clear-cut analysis and explanation of official notifications, such as examiner’s comments on patentability or registrability, and provide the clients with suggestion of specific amendment and/or argument that would likely bring the application into an allowable condition.

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